FEbruary 2020.

Delivery and installation of a tram underfloor lifting system type ULS manufactured by IME-Autolift GmbH from Austria for the user ZET – Zagrebački električni tramvaj d.o.o. for the purposes of planned preventive and breakdown maintenance of low-floor trams NT 2200 and NT 2300 in the area under the bogies, under the tram carbody and on the bogies themselves.
As part of the project “Extension and equipping of the Trešnjevka Tram Workshop Hall”, three platform electromechanical floor lifting cranes with a single load capacity of 20 tons were installed in reinforced concrete chambers built on the basis of the design documentation of the lifting equipment manufacturer, and 12 electromechanical supporting jacks raised from the floor chamber with a single load capacity of 6 tons to support the tram carbody. The system is designed so that it can also be used to lift the KT4 tram vehicle, where 4 mobile lifting jacks are used in addition to the existing fixed lifting jacks during the operation of separating the carbody from the base bogies for supporting the carbody. After the jacks are raised to the working position, the opening area around the lifting system is automatically closed at floor level. While all the jacks are lowered below the floor level, all openings in the floor are closed and the jacks are not visible. The system, designed in accordance with the safety standards of EN 1493 and controlled via the central cabinet, will contribute to more effective preventive and emergency vehicle maintenance.