Ampco - non-sparking, non-magnetizing corosion resistant hand tools

Ampco - non-sparking, non-magnetizing corosion resistant hand tools
1914 the inventor August Littman made an exciting discovery: new bronze alloy , hard enough to cut steel. The inventor and a small group of entrepreneurs formed the American Metal Products Company, and became the leading company in aluminium bronze alloy production.

American Metal Products Company (later known as "Ampco") produced the first line of safety hand tools made of aluminium bronze in 1922. This was the start of the Ampco Safety Tools. The unparalleled strength and durability of the tools made of aluminium bronze was quickly accepted in the industrial markets.

Today, most of the AMPCO safety tools is made in Garland, Texas. Ampco Safety Tools continue to produce top quality safety tools and give unparalleled customer satisfaction.


BAUR Sulz - Austria, is a family company in which the knowledge and experience is succeeded from one generation to another.

BAUR is the pioneer in production of the cable fault location instruments, cable testing, cable diagnosis and the insulation testing. They offer more than 120 products that are compliant with all international standards and norms.

They are present at this field for over 70 years and have representatives in more than 80 countries across the world, on every continent, with offices in Germany, Hong Kong, Brasil, UK and Spain.

The complete production,service and support is situated in Austria, in Sulz.

Bonomi - railway equipment

Bonomi - railway equipment
Gruppo Bonomi offer wide selection of products for the railway and tram division. From signaling to electrical haul, Bonomi offers traditional and innovative solutions that comply to technical standards in every country of business.

Consoles and equipment from 1.5kV to 25kV:
- Aluminium High Speed consoles
- Traditional iron/steel consoles
- Tunnel consoles
- Tram consoles
- Consoles for OH contact lines 750V to 25kV

Tightening devices
Clamps and cable lugs (according to compression or mechanical tightening)

Bosch - professional tools for crafts and industry

Bosch - professional tools for crafts and industry
Professional blue Bosch power tools are developed in order to perform top quality work. They meet the highest demands in performance, punctuality and resistance to achieve great professional results. Here we will show you our up-to- date product innovations.

Danfoss - cooling techniques, heating, industrial automation

Danfoss - cooling techniques, heating, industrial automation
Danfoss Group is world-wide manufacturer of components and solutions. Products and services are used in areas like refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, AC drives, power solutions for mobile machines. The company is active in solar and wind energy, and also in remote ditsrict heating and cooling for whole cities and urban areas.

Dynabrade -

Dynabrade -

Endress - power generators

Endress - power generators
ENDRESS is specialized in development, production and distribution of first-class generators since 1914. ENDRESS has secured its’ role in the future by innovation and product novelty which are technically ambitious and set trends in the industry.

Important postulates of company policies:

Performance and reliability by selection of top components and standardized quality.
Future and environment protection orientated technologies by development and production.
ENDRESS know-how in places around the world.mjestima diljem svijeta.

Innovation and product development, as well as adopting advice are part of the company’s service oriented philosophy. This way ENDRESS answers to growing demands and internationalization of trade transactions in the future.

Graco - air and pressure spray guns

Graco - air and pressure spray guns
Graco is a top manufacturer of fluid handling systems and spare parts. Graco brings technology and experience in fluid management in both industrial and domestic applications. Graco designs, produces and sells t systems and equipment for transport, measuring, control, dispersion and spraying of any fluids.

Holmatro -

Holmatro -

Intercable - Plastic parts and power energy distribution tools production

Intercable - Plastic parts and power energy distribution tools production
Since its’ founding in the early 1970’s Intercable has become the leading company in the market. It constantly grows, and brings innovative solutions to customers. Intercable offers wide selection of products, including the development and production of plastic parts and components, new ideas for hybrid and electrical vehicles and specialized tools for electric power distribution.

Kries -

Kries -

Loctite - top quality industrial adhesives and sealants

Loctite - top quality industrial adhesives and sealants
Henkel brand LOCTITE is a verified source for well-thought high performance solutions for sealing, sealing and coating.

Noja power -

Noja power -

Ruko - drill bits and saws

Ruko - drill bits and saws
Customer satisfaction through high quality. RUKO has been following this motto throughout the company’s history . It was founded in 1974 in Böblingen, and it was reorganized in 1980 to RUKO GmbH Precise tools. At that time the company was focused on drilling tools and saws production.Since 1990 the company is based in Holzgerlingen(close to Stuttgart). The new facilities are 5,600 m² big, from which 1,000 m² are offices, 2,400 m² production area and 2,200 m² sales area.

Sata - air and pressure paint sprayers

Sata - air and pressure paint sprayers
SATA is one of the leading producers of varnishing products. SATA sets standards in following areas:-spray pistols manufacture, compressed air filters and taking care of workers’ health.

Spirax Sarco - steam system equipment

Spirax Sarco - steam system equipment
Spirax Sarco is synonymous with excellence in steam system engineering, for efficient stem usage and control as well as other industrial fluids. Spirax Sarco offers solutions for compleltely new boiler plants to a mere replacement valves.

Streamer electric -

Streamer electric -

Tolsen - hand tools

Tolsen - hand tools
TOLSEN tools are focused on creating hand tools and similar products of professional quality.

All TOLSEN products are strictly controlled in every step during the planning, designing, manufacture, packaging and in the quality control process. In TOLSON he y believe that quality tools must have good usability, efficiency and performance ratio. Different from OEM markets, the advantages of TOLSTEN tools are:

Affordable price
Reliable quality
Fast shipment
Always available stock of products

Usag - tools

Usag - tools
The history of USAG reflects the history of Italian industry: from one man’s entrepreneurship, hard working Hermann Amos, to a global company. The adventure has started in Gemoni, in 1926. The location is a blacksmith’s workshop from the 19th century known as the Red House. USAG as soon to become a professional competitor in tools sector, along with many small companies, and together they changed the Italian economy.

The company’s success reflects in many fairs, with a patent for tools destined to leave a mark industrial history, and with a stamp that carries great symbolic value. In 1991 USAG reached new heights when becoming a part of the international FACOM group, when it successfully optimized the production and thus widened its’ business and became a global company.

Weber - Municipal Equipment

Weber - Municipal Equipment
Sorting containers, waste collection and disposal containers are part of Weber's product range. They are suitable for various types of disposal of selective waste such as paper, glass, package and the like. All products are produced in Weber's premises in Haan, near the city of Düsseldorf according to DIN 30740 / EN 840. All products are manufactured exclusively from materials resistant to UV, cold, heat and chemicals.

High standard of our products, our capabilities, accurate delivery and reliable service, are the basis for our company's successful development.
Coating inspection

Coating inspection

Elcometer has been an innovator for many years in the field of material thickness detection and coating quality since 1947.

- Elcometer 1730 simulator pranja automobila
- Elcometer 1720 tester abrazije
- Elcometer 1720 tester upijanja i pranja        
- Taber 5750 linearni abrazer
- Taber 5135 & 5155 rotacioni abrazer
- Taber 710 višenamjenski ručni grebač
- Elcometer 1700 tester padajućeg pijeska

- Elcometer 1540 tester križnog rezanja
- Elcometer 1542 Cross Hatch Adhesion Tester
- Elcometer 107 Cross Hatch Cutter
- Elcometer 108 Hydraulic Adhesion Testers
- Elcometer 106 Pull off Adhesion Tester
- Elcometer 106/6 Coatings on Concrete Adhesion Tester
- Elcometer 109 Tensile Adhesion Tester
- Elcometer 110 Pneumatic Adhesion Tester
- Elcometer 1910 PATHandy™ Adhesion Tester
- Elcometer 1940/1941 PAT™ Adhesion Testers
- Elcometer 1970 PFCV - Portable Field Calibration Verification Unit

- Elcometer 406L Statistical Mini Glossmeter
- Elcometer 406 Novo-Gloss™ Mini Glossmeter
- Elcometer 407 Statistical Glossmeter
- Elcometer 401 & 402 Novo-Gloss Glossmeters
- Elcometer 400 Novo-Curve™ Glossmeter for Curved & Small Surfaces
- Elcometer 6014 Shade & Opacity Meter
- Elcometer 6310 PANTONE® Formula Guides
- Elcometer 6210 RAL Colour Charts
- Elcometer 6300 Colour Assessment Cabinets
- Elcometer 6075/1 X-Rite SP60 Portable Sphere Spectrophotometer
- Elcometer 6075/2 X-Rite SP62 Portable Sphere Spectrophotometer
- Elcometer 6075/3 X-Rite SP64 Portable Sphere Spectrophotometer
- Elcometer 6070 X-Rite MA6811 Multi-Angle Colour Spectrophotometer
- Elcometer 6060 X-Rite 962 Portable 0/45 degree Spectrophotometer
- Elcometer 6060/4 X-Rite 964 Portable 0/45 degree Spectrophotometer
- Elcometer 6090 X-RiteColor® Master Software

- Elcometer 8720 KB Balance
- Elcometer 8721 Analytical Balance

Concrete inspection

Concrete inspection

Elcometer is an innovator and lead manufacturer in concrete inspection.

- Elcometer 106/6 Coatings on Concrete Adhesion Tester
- Elcometer 106 Pull Off Adhesion Gauge

- Elcometer 331² Model H & HM Half-Cell Meter
- Elcometer 331² Model B Concrete Covermeter
- Elcometer 331² Model BH Concrete Covermeter
- Elcometer 331² Model SH Concrete Covermeter
- Elcometer 331² Model TH Concrete Covermeter
- Elcometer 331² Model THD Concrete Covermeter
- Elcometer 331² CoverMaster® Software

- Elcometer 181 Mechanical Concrete Test Hammer
- Elcometer 182 Digital Concrete Test Hammer
- Elcometer 143 Crack Width Ruler
- Elcometer 900 Concrete Crack Microscope
- Elcometer 7210 Pocket Microscope
- Elcometer 7220 Microscope with Reticules

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Metal detection

Metal detection

Elcometer nudi široku paletu proizvoda kako bi vaše potrebe detekcije metala bile u potpunosti zadovoljene.

- Elcometer P500 Imp Box Locator
- Elcometer P520 Deep Cover Metal Detector

- Elcometer P610 Timber Metal Detector

- Elcometer 701 Cable Avoidance Tool & Live Cable Locator
- Elcometer P700 Live Cable Locator

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Programme support for the static process control (SPC)

Programme support for the static process control (SPC)

Elcometer is the leading supplier of SPC software with over 30 years of experience, and they have developed many programs which are top of the market in functionality and simplicity

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