Catenary equipment includes a wide range of products and components designed to maintain, upgrade and improve the functionality of catenary systems in railway infrastructures. Our diverse offer includes different types of disconnectors, insulators, connecting equipment and contact wires, whereby we carefully adapt each product to the specific requirements and standards of the industry. Regardless of whether you are looking for parts for electrical contacts, safety devices or maintenance accessories, our equipment guarantees the reliability, functionality and longevity of your contact systems. With our support and products, we ensure that your contact network is always in optimal condition, ready for safe and efficient work. Our expertise and dedication ensures that every part of your rail system works flawlessly and meets the highest industry standards.


Our offer of parts for railway vehicles includes a wide range of products and components necessary for the maintenance, modernization and efficient operation of railway vehicles. In our assortment you can find mechanical drive parts that ensure smooth and reliable vehicle movement, pantographs that enable efficient collection of electricity, gears that ensure precise power transmission, and cables that are key to the vehicle's electrical and communication systems. All our parts are of high quality and adapted to the requirements of the railway industry, ensuring the reliability, safety and longevity of your rolling stock. Regardless of the needs of your vehicle fleet, our parts offering will provide you with the necessary components to maintain and improve the performance of your rolling stock.


Our offer includes fully integrated solutions that meet all the needs of the railway industry. It includes machines for leveling, grinding and laying rails, as well as various types of vehicles for the transport and manipulation of materials on the track. Through the quality, reliability and functionality of our machines, we ensure efficient track maintenance and safe traffic on railway networks, providing the necessary support to railway traffic. With our expertise and dedication, we work on the constant improvement of our offer to meet all the challenges of the railway industry.


Special two-track vehicles are multi-purpose road vehicles with built-in undercarriage for driving on rails, enabling them to pass through tram and railway tracks with a width of 1000 mm to 1435 mm. Their primary purpose is infrastructure maintenance and repair. Industroprema d.o.o. proudly represents the authorized distributor of special two-way vehicles of the renowned manufacturer Hilton Kommunal GmbH from Germany. These top products enable efficient and safe performance of maintenance work on tram and railway lines, while ensuring high quality and reliability.

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Frequently asked questions

Our offer includes a wide range of machines for leveling, grinding and laying rails, as well as different types of vehicles for the transport and manipulation of materials on the railway.

All our machines are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and safety, and undergo rigorous testing before commissioning to ensure their reliability and functionality.

In addition to the sale of machines, we also provide support in training for the use, servicing and maintenance of machines, as well as technical support to our customers.

For all inquiries, information or requests for a quote, you can contact us by e-mail, phone or via the contact form on our website. Our team of experts is at your disposal and will be happy to help you.