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Reflex Zlin, spol. s r.o.

Reflex is the manufacturer of fibreglass containers for waste separation with bottom emptying, semi-underground and underground containers since 1990. Since 2006 they moved the production facilities to newly built modern area in the industrial zone of town Zlín, Czech Republic. The production program has a wide range of products which are always adjusted to the customer. All the containers are certified by the EN 13 071-1 : 2008 standard.

High standards of our products, our capacity, concise and reliable service are the grounds for the successful development of our company.

Underground containers

Size : 1,5 m3, 3 m3 and 5 m3

Colour: on request, by RAL scale

Labels are made by customer’s request, laminated and do not peel off

Besides the two hook system, it is possible to use one or three hook system or the Kinshofer method
All metal parts are zinc-plated

Disposal area is made of hard plastics

Novelty on the market which features the smaller waste disposal area, quick and efficient emptying , and also no more unpleasant smells because the waste is produce the unpleasant smell. Situated underground and thus it is cooled and there are no microorganisms to in the waste.

Emptying is done by a triangular key with which the opening above the ground is opened, and within that opening the hook for lifting the container is situated. No soil preparation is necessary for the installation of the container into the ground, just the digging, because the container is delivered in a whole, with the upper part in the ground and the lower part which is emptied.

Additional equipment (lid kinds, types of hooks etc) is made on customer’s request

Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE-F8_rmocA

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